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ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. Securities Litigation



Case No: 15-cv-00575 BTM DHB

If you purchased or otherwise acquired publicly traded ACADIA Pharmaceuticals Inc. common stock and/or call options in the United States or on the NASDAQ Global Select Market between November 10, 2014 through and including March 11, 2015, you might be a member of the settlement class in this action entitling you to a payment in connection with a settlement of the action.

The administration of the ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Securities Litigation has been completed. A motion to distribute the Settlement Fund to Authorized Claimants was filed on June 15, 2018. Please note, “No new Claims may be accepted after May 10, 2018, and no further adjustments to Claims received on or before May 10, 2018, that would result in an increased Recognized Loss may be made for any reason after May 10, 2018”. The distribution will occur as soon as practicable after an Order approving the distribution is entered.